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Dental Emergencies – Why You Should See an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Orlando FL

Dental emergencies rarely pick a convenient time to occur. You could be out for dinner and have a filling fall out or play football with friends and chip a tooth. These problems should be taken care of immediately.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact an Orlando dentist that offers walk-in appointments. These dentists have experience handling emergency cases like loosened or fractured teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a relatively quick procedure that removes an infected, broken, damaged, or severely decayed tooth. Your Emergency Dentist in Orlando FL can provide a local or general anesthetic to relieve any pain during the extraction, depending on your situation.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Some of the most common include a broken or chipped tooth, a lost filling or crown, and injuries to the mouth or lips such as a cut, bruise, or scrape.

Often these injuries require immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Orlando FL, especially if the pain is severe and you can’t eat or drink normally. If you can, rinse the wound with cold water and apply pressure to stop any bleeding. Afterward, you should take any medications prescribed by your dentist to avoid infection and discomfort. You may experience swelling after the procedure, but this should subside quickly. If your tooth is still intact, it can be crowned or fixed by your regular dentist later to restore its function.

Broken Tooth

Tooth damage is often unavoidable, but a broken tooth should be seen as a dental emergency. The sooner it is treated, the better the chances of saving it. A tooth fracture is a break in the top or bottom of the tooth, usually near the root. It can occur from tooth decay, grinding teeth or clenching, or trauma.

Chipped or broken teeth can be extremely painful. This is because the hard enamel of your tooth no longer protects the nerve endings and dentin inside. Bacteria can then enter the pulp of the tooth, which can lead to infection and even more pain.

If you have a broken tooth, apply pressure with a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding. If that does not work, try using a moist tea bag (the tannic acid will help the blood clot). You can also use an over-the-counter pain reliever like Ibuprofen. The dentist can then determine the best treatment for the broken tooth.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

Occasionally, dental fillings or crowns become loose and may fall out of the mouth. This is not always an emergency but should be treated as soon as possible to prevent more damage. Leaving the tooth exposed could lead to serious infection that affects your entire body.

If the tooth is knocked clean out, try to place it back into its socket and hold it in there if possible. If that is not possible, rinse the tooth in milk or saltwater and keep it somewhere safe. Contact the dentist as soon as possible and bring it with you to the appointment.

A damaged or missing tooth can cause a variety of problems including pain, cosmetic imperfections and difficulty chewing and biting. Dental crowns are caps that can cover a chipped, cracked or badly decayed tooth. Bridges are made from crown units to replace a missing tooth. These restorations are a great option to save your natural teeth and improve your smile.

Injuries to the Mouth

Injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, lips, tongue and cheek can occur due to sports injuries, accidents or even as a result of biting down on hard food. It is important to see a dentist right away when these issues arise as most problems only worsen over time.

It is possible to replant a knocked out tooth in the event of an injury provided that the tooth and socket are clean, and the patient hasn’t been given any medications that interfere with healing. It is also important to control bleeding and get the injured person and tooth to a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental emergencies can be scary and can happen at any time. Make sure to use a referral website that can help you find a dentist that is open during off peak hours and has emergency appointments available. Prompt action can alleviate pain, save teeth and prevent other complications. Using these trusted resources can save you money and time and provide quality care.

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