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Fresh Lychee by Fume Infinity Disposable Vape Review

Fresh Lychee by Fume Infinity Disposable Vape Review

Fume Ultra Fresh Lychee disposables are designed for vapers who want a convenient and cost-effective way to get their nicotine fix. These devices come pre-filled and are easy to use.

They are available from numerous online sources, but it is important to check the product’s authenticity before purchasing. This is done by verifying the unique code found on the packaging.

Product Description

If you’re in the mood for a fruity smoothie flavor that’s sure to satisfy, look no further than Fresh Lychee by Fume Infinity. This refreshing treat delivers luscious lychees that dribble over your tongue for a sweet and exotic sensation that never fails to invigorate you.

On the initial inhale, a cool citrus taste hits your palate, delivering bold tartness that instantly begins to sweeten up. Then, juicy watermelon and crisp cantaloupes mellow out your taste buds for a smooth sensation. As you exhale, clean ice flavors brisk your palate for an invigorating finish that leaves you feeling revitalized.

FUME Ultra is a small, lightweight, and portable device that features an 8ml pre-filled pod of delicious e-liquid for up to 2500 potent puffs. It’s easy to use and comes in 26 amazing taste flavors, including classics like Fume Lush Ice and Double Apple and new favorites like Gummy Bear and Purple Rain. Easily browse all flavors and quantities on one page to find your favorite.

Flavor Profile

Fume Ultra is a long-lasting, disposable vape device with a built-in battery that offers 2500 puffs. It features a sleek design and 25 ultra-smooth flavors with effortless cloud production. Its easy draw activation makes it an ideal option for smokers looking for a satisfying alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

On the inhale, the natural sweetness of fresh lychee takes center stage. Then, refreshing menthol ice brisks your palate and leaves you with a revitalizing sensation.

Other luscious e-liquid flavors include Apple Peach Fume Ultra with a ripe green apple and tasty peach blend. Banana Ice Fume Ultra delivers a mouthwatering ripe banana and crisp mint flavor that lasts for up to 2500 puffs. Black Ice Fume Ultra combines a breezy blackberry and mint taste to create an exceptionally fresh vape experience. Blue Razz Fume Ultra delivers a classic iced blue raspberry and mint taste that lasts for up to 2500 puffs. Other amazing flavors include Blueberry CC, a sweet cotton candy and ripe blueberry combination that lasts for up to 2500 puffs.


Fume Ultra is a stylish, long-lasting and easy to use disposable vape device that provides consumers 2500 puffs of mouthwatering flavors. It offers a sleek design and comes pre-filled with a massive 8ml of liquid and a 1000mAh battery that is capable of keeping you vaping for days.

Fume Ultra offers a vast selection of tasty fruity flavors that satiate the taste buds and provide a sensational vaping experience. Blueberry CC is a delightfully sweet cotton candy taste that can smack the tongue with its intensely sugary flavor while Desert Breeze delivers a refreshing aloe and mint blend.

Fresh Lychee Ice is a fantastic lychee flavor that is enhanced with a cooling ice blast for a reviving taste. It is a delightfully exotic flavor that will take you on a tropical journey with each inhale. The flavor is complemented with a hint of menthol to add an icy sensation that complements the sweetness of lychee perfectly.


Fume Ultra is a disposable vape device that comes with a pre-filled tank of salt nicotine e-liquid. Each device has a battery capacity of 2500 puffs and can last for weeks or even months if it is used daily.

Each inhale delivers luscious lychees that soak the palate and dazzle the taste buds with exotic sweetness. The flavor is refreshed by icy blasts of menthol, making each exhale cool and invigorating.

The device has a sleek design that is easy to hold and looks stylish. It is a great choice for smokers looking for a smooth alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Fume Ultra has a wide selection of delicious flavors that are sure to please any vaper. With 26 amazing tastes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this brand. Try it today!

Tyler Evans

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